UMP-875 - The Vanishing Bulletin

Diaspora | Pjuu |

Greetings Traveler!

Welcome to my plot of the internet! I appreciate your presence! :)

I'm coming here from a long stint of being an internet nomad,

floating from Forum to Social without much attachment to any of them.

I quite enjoy it here on the web, or at least I used to.

But as time went on, I found many of the sites I would visit

to be annoying and stifling, especially the Social Media giants.

I needed a place where I could stretch my mental legs out without

stubbing someone else' toes, and Neocities seemed to be a good place for that.

My HTML skills are currently non-existant, so expect a bunch of major changes to the site as I learn via trial and error.

To you reading this, I wish you peace.